Anat Baniel Method R2 Day 2

Today Nathan had a couple of excellent lessons with Cheryl. I really wish I could describe what she did in the lessons but it’s really hard! I don’t really understand yet what she is doing so I can’t really say what’s what. In the first session she had him on his back and worked a lot on differentiation of all the different parts of his body, from the hands to the back to the chest to the feet. Cheryl was teaching us a lot and explaining what she was doing which made Nathan upset as he likes getting all of the attention.

During the 2nd session she had him kneeling against the table and worked on some more brain mapping and differentiation. I can’t seem to get the embed code working so I’ll post a link:

Changes I’ve seen:

* I usually carry Nathan on my hip. Typically I have to hold him with the other hand with max assist as he flops everywhere. I noticed last night he was leaning forward and holding on to me better. His head didn’t fall back at all – he was keeping it in place.

* The tone in his arms and hands seems different – less “locked”, more flexible.

* He is tolerating time on his back, and using that time to explore movement a little bit – mostly he rolls to one side, then to his back, then he rolls to the side again.

After the 2nd session we had a picnic dinner at Stanford Unviersity and walked around the college. It was a fun 🙂

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