Anat baniel method: round 2

After 7.5 hours, 5 movies (astro boy, meet the robinsons, tinker belle, lilo & stitch’ and finding nemo), 3 pit stops, 1 soy chai latte, 1 low carb carls junior burger, 30 gallons of gas, 1 Belle tantrum, and a car full of cuteness, we made it to palo alto. There was tons of traffic and it was a stressfull ride. We’re staying in a little motel in palo alto which seems pretty decent.

Tomorrow morning at 11 am Nathan has his first session with Cheryl. This time ill post after eaxh session so i can keep better notes!


  1. Laura M says

    Glad to hear you guys made it up there safe and sound. Sorry again Maxx got overly chatty. He’s a little excited about going to California. Can’t wait to hear how this week goes. Love and kisses to all.

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