Anat Baniel Method – The Verdict

Above are some videos of Nathan during his Anat Baniel therapy.

The verdict? I think the therapy was good, but the scenario was not beneficial. To receive this therapy we had to travel to San Diego, break Nathan’s routine, take him away from his house, room, bed, dogs, and especially his DAD, change his scheduled therapies, etc. Then we asked him to accept and trust a new person, in a new setting, and in an intense way. It was too much! He resisted and resisted and I’m not sure how much he got out of the therapy.

I liked what I saw and learned a lot about how to get him to play and how to teach him to “be”. Over time I think he will learn if we keep scheduling “being” and “playing” time. But until now he’s never been left alone to play or just set on his back or stomach with toys around him to just play. He’s always resisted, so we’ve never “pushed” him. But now I realize how important it is and Kristi gave us some good tips/ideas for how to do this successfully.

Now that we’re back home he’s as happy as can be. Today we went to Universal Studios and he had a lot of fun! I’ll post some pics up soon.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Marcela,
    You make this website so very valuable. I always enjoy visiting it. I certainly understand everything you are saying. We are the fortunate ones to be chosen to be our little ones mommies!

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