Anat Baniel Method – why we like it

Nathan just finished an ABM intensive last week, where he had sessions every day. I was hoping this would be a daily therapy but I was informed by his ABM therapist that we shouldn’t do more than a week at a time, and then we have to give him time to “integrate” the information that was given to his brain. So we are taking 2 weeks off, and starting again 2 weeks from today. In the meantime, check out this article, it is a wonderful description of ABM:

Rehabilitation Conference Extract regarding Anat Baniel Method speech by Katherine O’Neil.

I don’t know if it’s doing anything for Nathan yet…I’ll report if/when I do.


  1. I’m interested to hear how Nathan does with ABM. The article you linked to was written by the ABM therapist we took Emma to a couple of times. We stopped going so we could do the HBOT, but do plan to do an intensive probably in a month or so to see if it helps some of the learnings to “stick.” Emma has a hard time getting her arms over her head to crawl, etc., but after both rounds of ABM with Katherine she woke up multiple times in the night on her back (she rolled from her belly to her back) and crying for us to put her back on her belly. That is pretty much the only time I find her on her belly since it requires her to move her arms up from her sides to roll to her back and she doesn’t usually do that at all in her crib. I’m hoping for more arm movement out of the intensive we plan.

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