And after the low…

Comes the high ­čÖé

Remember this post, where I was complaining about Nathan not doing anything when I put him on the kidwalk?


He’s not strong enough to make it move on his own yet – as he stepped I pushed the walker to go along with his movements. But he was also going uphill and on grass…so maybe soon ???

Thank you to everyone who wrote to give me advice regarding Nathan’s hips – you guys are the best! I really appreciate it! My cool stayed cool and I’m still okay.

Two serendipitous things: Is Nathan proving to me that it’s all about will? Sure seems like it. The moment I start letting him work things out on his own a bit – kaboom – he starts showing me that he CAN do things when he WANTS to.

And the other serendipitous thing: I had been getting a mommy gut feeling that Nathan needed PERCS. That’s why I took him to the orthopedist to begin with. I had called Dr Nuzzo’s office in New Jersey and they wanted me to take some X-rays, so I figured I’d book an appointment with the orthopedist and kill 2 birds with one stone.

Dr. Nuzzo’s PERCS procedure is minimally invasive, the recovery is very fast, and it has the potential to help Nathan significantly. With PERCS, Nathan wouldn’t scissor so much when he tries to walk, his hips wouldn’t pull out so much, and he would generally have more freedom to move.

So after seeing Nathan in the kidwalk today, I was convinced that doing this procedure would be the right move for him. I think once he doesn’t scissor so badly – he will actually be able to walk around in his walker! And wouldn’t that be amazing!

I have no idea how the logistics will work – including how to pay for it – but as usual I will have faith that the universe will provide!

And on that note…I’m going to bed, I am TIRED!


  1. Love his walking! Way to go Nathan!!!!!!

  2. That was pretty impressive!

    Here’s (another) bit about partial body weight support treadmill training.

    (A technique that is heavy into research.)

    Also, I understand PERC is performed in Galveston, TX.

  3. He looks fantastic! Does he scissor all the time or only when he walks? If it’s only when he walks, he might benefit from something like theratogs.

  4. Vamos que se puede Nathan!!!!!, lo lograrás, todo se puede con fe, con corazón, te ves muy lindo, vamos amiga, tienes un espiritu de superación muy alto, sigue adelante!!!!, les mando un gran abrazo

  5. Hey there,
    We really did like working with Nuzzo! (went last Feb 08) We definitely like the results of the percs. Our new ABM therapist wants us to wait on doing anything more at the moment for spasticity. There is another doctor in Texax who trained under Nuzzo for his techniques (not sure if it was for percs. We had percs, ethyl alcohol blocks and some botox all at once. The other Docs name is Dr. Yngve. Here is a link

  6. Our kids never stop amazing us … or being our teachers, as well!! And if there is one thing I have learned over the years? Never, ever, EVER doubt that Momma-instinct!!! LOL We have it for a reason, and we need to listen to it more often, I think!!

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