And the winner is….

EUGENE WATSON!!!! Come on down and get your price!!!! (figuratively 🙂

Congratulations Eugene, I will contact you by email to get your address so I can send you the video. I would love to see a video of you using the Xbox with Kinect to share on the blog!

If you logged on to see our livecam feed, I am so sorry, it was a total failure!

I decided to use an app since Nathan is so good at activating the ipad, and I figured it would be easier for him to activate an app than to pick a piece of paper. Plus I got held up speaking with lawyers so I didn’t have time to write them all out on paper. I got an app called iraffle, wrote in all 200+ entries (I wrote the person’s name multiple time for people who had multiple entries), and had it all ready to go.

If you were watching us online, you probably saw Belle come up to the ipad (she loves it) and start banging on the keyboard. By the time I tried to draw a name, all of the names had been erased!

So I re-added them all in and had Nathan activate the app and pick the winner.

Thank you so much to everyone that participated. By the end of the week I will clean out the list to delete duplicates and I will publish it here so it can be used for other children.

I can’t thank all of you enough for participating.

We sponsored this contest, but it was so much fun that I am going to seek out corporate sponsors so we can continue to have more contests/giveaways.

Thanks to everyone and happy holidays!!!!

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