At last

At last we found the program/therapy we’ve been looking for. At least we have a program that will help strengthen Nathan’s body and give him more function and abilities. At last I can stop searching, and settle in for the “long haul” with just one program. Hallelujah!


Already in just 3 days Nathan is getting stronger! In todays’ therapy he did things he couldn’t do on the first day. Even after Medek I feel him wanting to pull up, wanting to hold up his head and trunk, wanting to stand on his legs and pull up. It is amazing to watch him! It’s almost as if he was just waiting for someone to tell him he had to pull up against gravity, as if he just didn’t know what to do!

Of course he also needs a lot of strength. I know Medek isn’t a miracle cure, I know it will take a long time and a lot of work to build his strength. But I have NO DOUBT that he WILL get stronger. How amazing!

Ester mentioned several times today that she can see changes in him. She likes working with him, she sees the potential in him. He likes working with her too. He complains a bit, but mostly has now settled into the routine.

Tommorrow we will start being trained on how to do the exercises ourselves so we can do them at home with him. In the meantime, here are some videos:


  1. que lindo se ve!! im soooo proud of him! i knew medek was gonna work! YES! woohoo 🙂

  2. Estupendo!!!. Fenomenal sus ejercicios!. Me recuerdan lo trabajado con mi hija, y me dieron muchos frutos!

  3. YAY Nathan!!!!
    So proud of you little man. Maxx says yay too:)

  4. This is wonderful. I love his laugh at the end. It made me laugh out loud, too! I’m so glad you found a program that you are happy with – it is such a struggle to find one that “fits”.

  5. Hola Marcela espero que Nathan este muy bien y siga cosechando logros,gracias por el dato de Medek me contacte con el Dr por correo y llega en septiembre a Chile asi que llevare al Osvaldo espero que todo resulte bien,aca no es muy conocida esta terapia ya que el mismo Dr me dijo que el 100% de los pacientes eran extranjeros,cuentame por favor como va el Nathan por que tradusco el Blog pero no es muy claro ,besitos y un abrazo bien apretado a la distancia

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