Mr. Smiles!

It’s been months since I’ve been here.  I even thought about shutting down the site and tried replacing it with my Facebook/Instagram stream, but it didn’t feel right.  PrayForNathan has been a great aspect of our lives and it just doesn’t feel right!

It’s been crazy busy around here.  3 kids, the new house, the business…trying to keep everything afloat has kept Owen and I busy as can be!

Plus things have been so stable.  In the past I had so much to say as we tried out new therapies, healing methods, etc.  Now things are pretty much status quo.  Nathan is doing great.  He is happy.  He LOVES his brother and sister and they LOVE him so much.  We enjoy being together.  Life is very good.

Today as we drove to Dog Beach with the 3 kids and 2 dogs Owen and I talked about how “normal” our life is these days.  Nathan is just one of the gang.  We both feel so grateful to have him.  As hard as some aspects of his care are, we get so much out of his presence in our lives.  Just like we do the other 2.   It takes a bit more creativity to have him “access” fun but we always find a way!

We are getting ready for the 4th attempt at hip surgery, which should be coming up in the next week or two.

We had a GI check up and she was super impressed, he’s gained 4 pounds!

I’ll do my best to keep updating, it may be once a month but I’ll write when I can.


  1. Marcela. We just wanted to thank you for opening up your and Nathan’s life to us. I know that writing a blog is hard work added to an already insanely busy schedule. So I wanted to just encourage you to keep the site up and post when possible. There are so many similarities to our stories its scary, we found out about the in utero stroke in our boy at 37 weeks, have been debating alt therapies since, it was also genetic mutation, we dealt with hydrocephalus, we have even seen some of the same practicioners, and we even live in OC but been up to Bay area often. Your stories are wonderful, well written, and valuable for anyone in similar circumstances (and we are out there). You are truly amazing and wonderful and a voice that needs to be heard. Keep it up !

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