Back on track

Today has been a wonderful day.

This morning I forgot Nathan’s wheelchair in my car at the mechanics, so when the bus came to pick him up, he couldn’t get on. He gave us a big lip and almost cried! He’s really loving the bus ride, and fortunately they agreed to pick him up last and rop him up first, so he’s only in the bus for 15 min’s max. He’s such a boy now! He’s starting to love cars and buses and little boy toys!

Afterwards, I pulled him out of school early and we went to see Dr. Kenny. He is in GREAT shape! His vital energy was at 996/1000 – meaning – he’s in great physical and emotional health! His vitamin protocol is about the same: B6, quantum brain complex, multi-pollen extract, omega 3 oil, eye q (oil), vitamin D, vitamin E, 5htp, Advanced brain nutrients, cyrofood, quantum nerve complex, neuroplex, nux vomica, phospholipids, and bulgarragus (probiotic). She tested him for the G-therapy and advised us to give him a 2 week rest period from the G. While we waited ad Dr. Kenny’s, he was standing against a chair, bearing weight, holding up his head, and turning the pages of the book. By the time I decided to film he’d been at it for a while and was tired, bu you can still get the idea:

Afterwards we went straight to his 2nd appointment with his new Anat Baniel Method therapist. It went FANTASTIC. This is such a subtle therapy that I can’t really describe how it works or what kind of effects it is having. All I know is that it “feels” right to me – my mommy gut is yelling YES YES YES! The therapist is only 20 minutes away so this therapy is completely SUSTAINABLE for us – this is my new favorite word 🙂 Our therapy plan/schedule is finally starting to fall into place – more on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos of Nathan in his ABM session:

How can so much cuteness fit into one little package??!!


  1. Love hearing Nathan’s little voice in the video. So cute! We did a few sessions of ABR and it went well, but it’s expensive and since we are doing HBOT now we took a break. Will likely get back to it again sometime in the fall (likely when Emma starts getting therapy at school!).

    Nathan is growing so much. Standing and turning pages – wow! He sure is keeping you on your toes with all the advances he is making. Glad he is in tip top shape!

  2. Hi Marcela…Love following your blog! I have a couple questions…how tall is Nathan and what was the reason for stopping g-therapy for 2 weeks? Have you heard of Jonathan Orgel from Brooklyn(for Medek Therapy)? We are going to see him for 2 weeks(20 sessions) in February? Do you think 2 weeks will help at all or is it a waste?
    Thanks and hope to hear back from you,

  3. I am SO impressed with his standing! And isn’t ABM just the best!

  4. Se vé genial parado y demuestra que le interesa mucho los libros,esta teniendo un equilibrio muy bueno y su descarga de peso lo tolera bién,¡¡¡felicidades Nathan por estos bellos logros!!!
    en la terapia se vé cómodo y relajado y lo mejor que es cerca de casa,bién por el nuevo plan de trabajo,es muy lindo escuchar la voz de Nathan atravez de estos videos,y pronto escucharemos la dulce voz de Belle!!!
    Un grán beso.

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