Back to Reality

After our trip to Colombia, summer vacation, the end of pregnancy, and Gryffin’s birth, I feel like life is settling into a routine again and we are back to life, back to reality.

Nathan seems to be enjoying school. I hear great reports from his teacher and he comes home happy every day. I am starting to get everything organized to focus on his Dynavox and communication again. We’ve assembled a Dream Team to help with Nathan’s communication and we’re thrilled to get moving on the road to literacy and to improving Nathan’s ability to communicate.

Belle will be starting a Waldorf preschool next week! She’ll be going 3 days a week for 4 hours. She seems ready as she is so hungry to learn new things and she LOVES being with other children.

And little Gryffin is doing GREAT. He is by far the easiest of the 3 so far. He is a great burper, sleeper, and eater. Although I will say today he found his voice. It took him 3 minutes to go from a squeak to a complete meltdown (with tears and everything). He is holding up his head so well, has many long periods of quiet alertness, and is generally doing fabulously for a newborn.

A couple of days ago was my first time out alone with all 3 kids. It was quite an experience! Feeding them was quite a feat, as all 3 of them require direct assistance. I still can’t believe I have 3 kids. I wonder if I’ll ever get over the shock?

I continue with my routine of self-care, journaling on a daily basis, meditating, focusing on my own state of mind. Even though this is the busiest I’ve ever been, it’s also the happiest! My heart feels so full.

And now off to change a diaper and feed the littlest one.


  1. Thanks for updating and letting us know how your family are doing! I sure miss the almost daily posts but totally understand how busy you are. I have two kids and get some respite and I am still busy!

    Take acre of yourself too Marcela. I had to take a break for myself because I couldn’t be supermom 24/7.

    Bye, Nicole

  2. Marcela,
    It is great to hear that you feel so happy. I love the picture you posted holding all three kids, beautiful!

  3. erika rojas from bolivia says

    Muchas felicidades por tu bebe y tambien felicitarte por lo bien que escribes y una sugerencia por que no escribes un LIBRO seria fabuloso.
    Fuerzas para seguir adelante.
    🙂 Erika Rojas de Bolivia

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