Back to sleep

So I have a small triumph to report. Ever since Nathan was born, he’s slept on his belly because of his exaggerated startle reflex. As soon as he starts falling asleep he startles, his arms flail out, which wakes him up, making him unable to sleep on his back.

Well, as of this week – Nathan can now sleep on his back! His exaggerated startle reflex is GONE GONE GONE!

All we do is place him on his back, with his head on a pillow, this pillow brace in between his legs for his hips, and voila – out all night.

We are SOOO happy and thankful!! This will mean his back and hips will stay in better shape!


  1. Ryland was about Nathan age when he was able to sleep on his back, It made things alot easier but also he started moving around alot more. HoPE he keeps it up. If you get a chance check out what I put on FB or on the Yahoo HPE site about Ry ENT appt.

  2. Excelent, and congratulations.

    How does the pillow embrace him? is it a special pillow? do you a picture?

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