Bah Humbug Part 2

I was going to write an update but I realized that I already did – 2 years ago.

Anatomy of a Hospital Visit

This is pretty much what happened last night.

Nathan is home but we still don’t know what’s wrong. Alas. Next: his regular doctor, maybe she’ll have some ideas.

Update on Nathan: We couldn’t get in to see his doctor today, so we are waiting to take him to her tomorrow. He is doing better today. No fever, and he only threw up once. He fell asleep at 5pm and has been down since – and probably will sleep through the night now. My gut is starting to point towards digestive problems – we didn’t stick to his diet in Mammoth and I have a feeling we are now seeing the consequences. I’ll keep everyone posted!


  1. I was wondering what you found out. I feel your pain. Everytime we’ve had to take Cody to the ER it seems like they just scratch their heads. No fun!! I hope Nathan gets feeling better soon.

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