Bah Humbug

Today, instead of getting on a plane to New York for Medek, Nathan is with Owen at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Wbatever he has started on Wednesday…he got really whiny, didn’t feel good, didn’t have much energy. By Thursday he was eating much less. Friday he was super tired, whiney, and didn’t eat much at al.

Yesterday he had a fever and barely ate anything at all. I was still determined to go to New York because I thought maybe he was just a little “off”. But right when I finished packing all of our bags I noticed he looked really pale and was still upset.

I started praying and praying for guidance…and minutes later he threw up the little bit of food I’d been able to get into him.

So at 9 pm last night I called the airline to cancel the flights.

This morning was much the same like yesterday so we decided to take him in to emergency to make sure there is nothing major going on. On top of the vomiting and fevers, his breathing seems a bit compromised and he has a gnarly dry cough. He also seems a bit out of it and not quite himself.

I’m hoping they’ll rule out the shunt and find out what’s causing this quickly so they can come back home tonight. We didn’t want to take Belle to the hospital so Owen went with Nathan.

I’ll keep everyone posted. Bah Humbug.


  1. Oh no! I am praying for Nathans quick recovery, we were wondering what happened to you guys yesterday we missed having you at Annabelles birthday. Hope we can see you guys before we go.

  2. Sorry to hear Nathan is not feeling well. We will be praying for him.

  3. sorry to hear about nathan, will pray for him

  4. What’s the verdict?

  5. How’s monkey? Been praying he’s ok. Maxx says he hopes Nathan gets better soon so he can come and play:)

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