If you’ve ever done yoga you know that there are many poses that require and train you in balance. In fact a very fundamental part of yoga is balance.

This morning I was lying sleepless squished between Owen, Lucas and Lola and wondering why it is that I SUCK at all the balance poses in Yoga. I mean, I’m okay when it comes to the stretching part – I can *almost* touch the floor with my hands now 🙂 But the balance part – I’m just no good. The moment the instructor says “tree pose”, for me it means, “do your best to remain standing without falling flat on your face pose”.

So the question is: Why? Why does my body resist balance? And as I was contemplating that question this morning, while I thought about getting up to go to yoga class, I was just struck.

If people wonder about the mind/body connection, they shouldn’t.

It was just so obvious to me in that moment. The lack of balance in my life is reflective on the lack of balance in my mind which is reflective in the lack of balance in my body.

And when I mean balance I mean: the balance between taking care of others and self care. The balance between taking care of a kid with special needs and taking care of the relationship with your partner. The balance between rehabilitation and enjoyment. The balance between being carefree and having fun and being responsible. Etc etc etc.

These are balances that are so hard to maintain when you have a SN kid.

And I remembered – when I went to my first “Women of Worth” class, and we were all asked to say why we were there, the first thing that blurted out of my mouth – I’m seeking balance.

So this is the year where balance will enter my life. The day I have a good tree pose – I know things are going well!

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