Because I can

Why 3 posts in one day, you may be wondering? Because it’s my blog and I can 😉

We came home from watching RIO a little bit ago. It was soooo cute! Nathan loved it! Belle danced through most of the movie…and climbed up and down the stairs of the theater..and ate lots of handfuls of popcorn….and Nathan laughed and laughed.

Nathan is doing much better…I spoke to the homeopath who gave me a treatment to use to see if we can help Nathan before the illness progresses…I also took him to the acupuncturist and it was MAGICAL…he went in there coughing every 30 seconds…but after he put the needles in, he didn’t cough for several hours! I figured I’d be thorough and also took him to the pediatrician…so I waited…and waited…and waited…an hour and a half I waited, until I finally said ENOUGH and walked out. I can’t stand it when doctors do that…especially after I’ve asked them a billion times to please just let me know if the doctor is running behind so we don’t have to sit around catching germs. I’m going to have to have a talk with the doctor about this because it’s ridiculous to keep an immune compromised kid sitting around a doctor’s office for hours. Hopefully between the homeopath and the acupuncturist we will have this one covered.

My gut tells me HBOT will help him regain some of the muscle tone that he lost and to boost his immune system. So if I can’t pull off Colombia, off to Irvine we go to the California Integrative Hyperbaric Center. Of all the therapies out there, my gut tells me HBOT is what he needs right now.

And now the house is quiet and everyone snores, it’s time to join them 🙂


  1. We have had great success with acupuncture too! Western med. docs don’t think its doing anything, but with their next breath they say “this is an unusual kid, normally kids like this are having serious trouble & he isn’t”. Always go where your inner voice leads you!

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