Bellebration – 11 months!


Dear Belle,

Today you are 11 months old. What a glorious 10 months you’ve had! And in 1 month you will be 1 year old.

Your 10th month was all about walking. You walked, walked, walked everywhere! You walked at the mall, at stores, all over the house, at the park….you’ve discovered walking and you love it!

It’s been so amazing and fun watching you master this skill.

You learned so much more this month…you learned more words, new games, many other fine motor and cognitive skills, like putting blocks into a container. But I will label your 10th month as your “Walking Month” as this is a MAJOR accomplishment!

You are amazing Belle, you are like the cement in the foundation of our home, gluing us all together, bringing so much joy to ALL of us. We love you so much!


  1. Laura M. says

    Yay!! Happy 11months belle! You Are amazing little princess.

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