Bellebration – 5 months old

Dear Belle,

Today you are 5 months old (going on 25).

And today, September 20th , you said your first word: MAMA!!! What a 5th month birthday gift you’ve given me!!!!

Oh and what a glorious 5 months it’s been! Everywhere we go, you stop traffic…you captivate people with your smile and the alertness of your eyes.

This month you finally captured your brother’s heart. We can now put both of you together on the floor and you entertain and play with each other. You reach over and grab his face, pull his hair, and crawl all over him. A couple of times you made the mistake of putting your hands in his mouth and he bit you…but you graciously forgave him. You love it when he sticks his finger in your mouth so you can suck on it..and it blisses him out just as much.

You are doing so many new things already:

– You are learning how to swim. You can already kick underwater by yourself and go from one person to another.

– How to hold on to the edge of the pool, fall into the water, turn and grab the edge

You make the cutest of sounds with your mouth and can sometimes entertain yourself for a long time by repeating the sound over and over again.

You can be very serious and make me work hard to make you smile!

You are trying to learn how to crawl.

– You love your hands with undending passion.

– Instead of delicately sucking on your finger or thumb, it is not rare for me to find both your fists in your mouth.

– You can already drink from a regular cup

– You enjoy watching TV and have already seen 4 movies at the movie theater

– You love being out and about and get antsy if you don’t get to go out every day

– Today you drank formula for the first time (your brother’s hypoallergenic formula). You’ve also had a little bit of avocado, banana, apple, and whatever you manage to steal when we’re not looking.

– You are on the fence about whether you are a mama’s or a daddy’s girl. You get just as excited with each one of us.

– You already found your feet and love to play with them

– You are Ms Grabby and grab EVERYTHING in your path

– You scoot and roll all over the place…I never find you where I left you.

– You already reach for me when someone else is holding you and will lift your arms and hips to be picked up.

– You don’t have a favorite toy…you’ll play with anything and everything!

– You used to sleep really well but now decided you like mommy’s bed and wake every two hours to try and get back in bed with mommy and daddy

– You are a natural born yogi and LOVE moving and playing with your body

– You are sooo interested in Lucas and Lola and love to pull their tail and ears and to stick your fingers in their mouth…they are already terrified of you!

– You love being on your belly and will play for a long time while on your belly..

– You are trying to crawl out of your crib already…lately when I wake up I see you on all fours trying to reach for the edge of the crib…how long will it be until you’re pulling to stand by yourself??

– Your favorite part of the day is anything to do with water…

– You are your mother’s daughter…through and through.

My dear Belle, words can’t express how grateful we are to have you in our lives, how complete you’ve made us, how much much happiness you make us feel. I have no idea how I have survived 30 years without you. Happy 5th month baby, my dearest Belle, we all love you so very much.


  1. Oh Marcela she is soooo sweet! I love the blue mat pictures! Ready on your mark take off!

  2. Marcela me ha emocionado TANTO estas fotos y estos vídeos, me parecen tan maravillosos los movimientos normalizados y amplios de un bebé que siempre me les quedo mirando cuando mueven todo tan chiquiticos y estoy a sus lados. Me imagino la felicidad de ver y vivir todo esto con tu hija, icluiso cuanto será ella de bien para toda la vida de su hermano. FELICIDADES A TODOS!

  3. You have beautiful daughter!

  4. Sucha gorgeous girl. Sebastian and I watched the videos together, gebthinks Belle is a cutie pie too.

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