Bellebration – 8 months

Happy 8 month birthday my sweet Belle!

This month you saw the snow for the first time. You loved it!

In your usual laid back fashion you took it all in stride and enjoyed it. You went to Chicago and got to meet mommy and daddy’s friends. You even got to see Wrigley Field!

You continued torturing Lucas and learned to call him. CUCA! That’s your favorite word right now.

You also started enjoying stuffed animals and you fell in love with a Minnie. We couldn’t get it out of your hands! So of course we had to buy it for you. And the spoiling, begins!

You finally slowed down in your mad dash towards development. This month we saw consolidation. We saw you become more confident in your crawling. We saw you master new sounds. We saw you master climbing up the stairs..and anything climbable!

Just tonight we saw you stand up off the floor, let go, and balance yourself for a few seconds! I didn’t get to see you, but there was a whole room full of people that watched and cheered you on.

You are such a happy girl.

You had some rough moments this month with your first stomach bug, but even while you were sick and vomiting, you were still happy and playful.

You went to your first Christmas party and had a blast!

You are a great eater, and are now eating pretty much regular food. You still love nursing, and I saw breastmilk is still hands down your favorite food. But you will eat anything I give you, including mandarins, noodles, cheerios, and pretty much anything I put in front of you.

You continue to amaze us with your strength and joy and you continue to bring so much happiness to our family!

Here are more pictures:


  1. OMGosh the dog and the ear thing, that is to funny. I know if we had a animal Vera would be doing the same thing, everything goes into mouth to see if you can eat it. It’s funny how kids are so much different, Vera didn’t do much when she started crawing but just in the last month has figured out everything, well getting into everything.
    Nice to see pics of Nathan, he’s starting to loose the baby face. I remember Ryland loosing the chubby cheeks.

    HoPE you all have a great Holiday. I don’t think ours is going to be. I started getting a sore throat and Vera didnt sleep to good last night, she still is sleeping but coughing. It was bound to happen that someone gets sick, we’ve been pretty lucky.

  2. Belle is so sweet looking very pretty, lovely. I also have very strong wish that i would also have a baby girl i am really crazy for baby girl 🙂 😛

  3. Beautiful…Marcela! Merry Christmas!

  4. she is so lovely, marcela. had to laugh when i read “let the spoiling begin” yeah, right. ;).

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