Belle’s Baby Shower

Here are some photos from Belle’s baby shower that we had last week (I forgot the sd card in my camera so couldn’t take photos, was waiting for them to be emailed)! It was shared with Jackson’s baby shower, who is due 2 weeks after Belle!

We had a wonderful wonderful time. At one point I looked around at all those precious kids and was like, wow, what a lucky little girl, not yet born and she already has 8 little friends waiting for her (9 if you include Nathan)!

So if you were wondering what all the stuff was on the chair from this photo

Now you know where it all came from!

Oh and a couple of people were asking me where I got some of the stuff for Belle…it’s called SECONDHAND baby! All of the furniture was Nathan’s – the crib, dresser, night stand, glider and bassinet. The stroller and car seat I got for a fraction of the price from craigslist. And most of the clothes you see have been gifts! From my mom, grandma, friends…I have really only bought her a couple of outfits! It’s funny how things change…with Nathan everything had to be new and perfect. With Belle…well…I know she will be okay even if she’s not the first to ride her snazzy stroller!!!

Going back to the original topic… Belle’s shower was an absolute blast. As I keep all I need is a baby to put into all these things!

PS Thanks Michal for organizing this!!!


  1. nice, makes feel like having a baby!!!

  2. wolly458 says

    May GOD be with you and your family

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