* We had a 2nd opinion with an orthopedic surgeon at Children’s Hospital LA. He evaluated Nathan’s back and hips. The good news – his back is perfect! No signs of scoliosis! As for his hips – not so good. The left hip is now at 40% subluxation – up by 7 % in just a few months. Instead of recommending surgery or botox, he wants to start by having him sleep with a brace in between his legs to stretch him out passively. After 6 months he’ll evaluate again and then determine the next step. He also prescribed DAFO’s – feet and ankle braces. He wants the ones without hinges as he believes Nathan needs the extra support and this is meant to prevent deformities of the foot and ankle. I’m not so sure what to do as this goes against what ABR and ABM reccommend. Oh what to do, what to do.

* Belle’s developing her temper quite well! She’s trying so hard to roll from back to belly. She can turn about 80%, but then she gets stuck and can’t complete the turn. Subsequently she starts crying because she can’t get to her belly! She cracks me up every time!

* My diet failed miserably. I did well for a few days and managed to lose 3 pounds…at the cost of my milk supply. I guess you really need carbs to make milk. So I had to abandon the diet and the 3 pounds came right back on. Doh. Oh, and in case anyone is interested in increasing their milk supply… Belle’s doctor prescribed BEER. Yes, you heard me right. Beer. So I had a couple of beers over the weekend for Owen’s birthday and my milk supply came back with a vengeance!

* For the first time in his LIFE, Nathan is tolerating spending time on the floor! Since he’s on vacation from school, we’ve been leaving him for bits of time on the floor to try and get him to roll and play by himself. He whines a bit at first but eventually he settles down and I’ve even caught him playing. Hooray! This is a HUGE step for him! I think once he starts spending more time on the floor he’ll have more time to explore movement with his body, and good things will then start to happen.

So that’s it for now. Have a good night!


  1. Emily had to have bilateral hip surgery a few yrs ago. Its a very hard surgery to recover from so if the dr has something less invasive in mind right now i would highly reccomend having him wear the dafos. Emilys hip were both dislocated. It was a 6hr long surgery and a 4 day stay in the hospital w/em on morphine! And a 6 week recovery in this contraption. She lost a lot of muscle strength and still hasnt regained some. If the surgery is something that he has to have please call me i will help u out in any way I can!

  2. No se que decirte sobre los dafo, Johan los usa y solo te puedo decir que en su caso le ayudan a estabilidad pero si ustedes estan siguiendo por una linea diferente deberias de consultar a las terapias ABR y AB mas sobre porque no usara DAFO. Lo que si te puedo aconsejar bien para la produccion de leche es un te verde que se llama FENUGREEK TEA este me lo recomendo una persona que es la encargada de ayudar a las mamas a amamantar a los bbs cuando estan en el NICU, lo puedes encontrar en tiendas donde venden todo organico y si me funciono.

  3. Cathy Jordan says

    Mamatini for milk supply and take Fenugreek…mamatini has it too.
    Works so great!

  4. We do the DAFO’s when Charlie is standing or in the gait trainer. We’ll also get them out if his hamstrings are getting tight and let him wear them in the car. I know the other therapies discourage it, but I figure DAFOs are better than surgery. We’ve all just gotta decide something–it’s hard when there are so many different opinions.

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