* Nathan has a nasal and ear infection. He started running a fever today so I took him in to the doctor and lo and behold, that’s what’s had him throwing up and having issues. He’s on antibiotics now. After his first dose of antibiotics he immediately looked better so I think he’s on the mend.

* He’s now 29 lbs, but the doctor thought that he’s just way too thin. She asked me to make an appointment to see her so we can discuss the possibility of the G-tube. This thought has been going through my mind non-stop for weeks so it’ll be interesting to get her feedback. The appointment is in 1 month, which is perfect as it gives me time to try Kelly Dorfman’s formula to see if we can get him to gain weight.

* Nathan’s immune system seems to be acting up again. He was so healthy for so long, but something’s out of wack and I can’t seem to figure out what. I made an appointment for him to see a homeopath that came very highly recommended. I hope that she can help him. The appointment isn’t until mid October.

* In the next month we are having the IEP with the lawyer, an appointment with a dentist and a cranio-facial surgeon (to check out his palate), a fitting for a new wheelchair, an appointment with the doctor to discuss the G-tube, the homeopath, as well as Dr. Blumenthal who is a DAN doctor who also works with reflex integration. Phew, I’m tired just thinking about it. But I am glad that we’re moving in all directions.

* Belle is doing great. She is now swimming underwater on her own (I can let her go as she swims to another person and she’ll kick her way over). She’s doing other amazing things, but I’ll wait until the 17th to share more, as that’s when she’ll be 5 months old.

* Upcoming posts: more about Feldenkrais and the difference between Feldenkrais and ABM, Rolfing, Nathan’s media detox.

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