* Today I went to a meeting with a lawyer and an advocate regarding special education laws. It was super informative. I presented our situation and they gave me some great advice as to how to proceed with the school district. I’ve decided to go to these meetings every two weeks – the more informed I am, the better.

* About 2 years ago, one of our friends developed very very severe arthritis/chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. She went to a bunch of doctors and nobody could help her. She maxed out on meds very fast and wasn’t getting better and could barely cope with the pain. She went to several practitioners and eventually fuond a homeopath who started working with her. At that point she couldn’t walk and was in a wheelchair. Today she is back to normal, walking running jumping, and is mostly pain free. Yesterday I took Nathan to this homeopath who did a very thorough 3 hour evaluation, and gave Nathan a homeopathic remedy that we’ll be starting tomorrow. She believes she can help him with his respiratory problems, that she can improve his immune system by 200%, that she can improve his muscle tone and endurance. I am excited to see what happens!

* Nathan is doing well on Kelly’s formula and hasn’t thrown up in a while so no G-tube for now!

* We’ve finished with our “round” of appointments – dentist, homeopath, craniofacial surgeon, pediatrician, wheelchair specialist, and DAN doctor. He has no cavities and we just need to do a deep clean of his teeth, he’s on a new homeopathic remedy and we have to follow up with her in a week, nothing we can do about the palate or wide open mouth, x-rays and bloodwork with the pediatrician, Thevo twist trial with the wheelchair specialist, and blood and urine test with the DAN doctor.

* Our NY trip is ON! We will be heading out there on Nov 6th for 10 days. We’ll be at Rutgers 2 days for the neurocognitive assessment. Then 3 days of Medek with Azriel. Then 2 days of fun with friends!

* Guess who got a passport?

Why a passport if we’re only going to New York? That’s because we’re not just going to NY. Belle and I are going to Brazil next week!!!! We’re having a girls-week-out, leaving the boys at home and spending a week meditating in Brazil near Sao Paulo. And maybe a few extra days in the beaches near Rio. I am partly bummed that Nathan isn’t coming but very excited about this!


  1. Que bueno saber que Nathan tuvo todas sus consultas con los especialistas,seguro que le hará muy bien el nuevo medicamento homeopático!!
    Sorprendente el pasaporte de Belle…..tan pequeñita,esta muy linda,deseo que les vaya muy bien con Nathan en NY,y que disfruten de lindos días,y el viaje con Belle a Brasil fantástico!!!seguro será una linda experiencia para ella estar sola con mama,buen viaje!!
    Un beso a los niños,un abrazo para ti.

  2. Yeah! Was thinking about your trip to NY. If you want, I could lend you our Pony walker for your entire stay on the east coast. Just shoot me and email with the details and we can arrange a drop off 🙂

  3. Bem-vindo ao Brasil!! Quando você chega aqui?

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