* I heard back from Nathan’s doctor, she mentioned that she was defensive because she’d just treated a child whose liver had been shot from over-use of supplements. She said she IS quite knowledgeable of herbal supplements and would like to be informed of what we’re giving Nathan so she can offer us her feedback. I am SO HAPPY that she was willing to listen and that we still have the best doctor ever on Nathan’s team!

* The CCS doctor that I spoke with DID approve Nathan’s hinged DAFO’s. After I explained to him all of the benefits of being upright and moving his own limbs, he felt that was a good enough reason to approve both the DAFOs and the SWASH. He seemed like a decent guy and even though he admitted he wasn’t knowledgeable, he seemed willing to listen and learn.

* We saw Dr. Kenny today and she’s really pleased with how well he’s doing – she commented on how much he’s filled out. Thank you Ultracare for Kids and Kelly Dorfman!


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