* Thanks to everyone for their advice, I got many emails and calls and I really appreciate everyone’s input! After our next trip to Chicago this weekend (hehe) I will finally try and get Belle on a routine as we won’t be going anywhere for one whole month 😉 Coincidentally she has slept much better the last 2 nights so maybe putting it out there to the universe was the answer! By the way, Belle is doing great, she is a DELIGHTFUL child, playful, fun, funny, sweet, adventurous. Everything is going well with her. But we do have those struggles and I just I’d ask for help with these particular issues.

* We had an appointment in San Diego yesterday with Nathan’s reflex integration laser therapist. It was wonderful. She was really impressed with Nathan’s progress and she noticed that many of his infant reflexes are finally starting to integrate. Hip hip hooray!

* Today Nathan’s school psychologist and speech therapist came by the house to observe Nathan working with Ronna. He had a blast playing on the dynavox with 4 pretty ladies watching! He did really good – he is learning to navigate around the dynavox on his own. He keeps repeating this sequence over and over – I want to go, in the car, to the mall. The other 2 that he loved were – I want to go, in the car, to grandma’s house, and I want to go, outside, in the pool or swing. Oh, and of course, he kept going to the I want to watch page, and choosing Phineas and Ferb, his favorite show 🙂

* Today Nathan sat and watched TV for 15 minutes without falling! He is getting SO MUCH BETTER with his sitting. I’ll film him again tomorrow.

* Check back soon for our first, extraordinary, awesome GIVEAWAY. You will love this one – promise!

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