It’s been a while since I’ve just written a “random” type post so here goes!

* It was 80 degrees here on Saturday so we went swimming. Belle is a daredevil and wants to let go and swim back and forth between Owen and myself. Nathan still loves his “treasure” game where we hide toys in the filter and then we go hunting for treasure. He has to reach into the filter and see what he finds. He LOVES this game! It was lots of fun!

* Sunday we took the kids to Disney. Both of them had a great time. Nathan loved the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and really enjoyed Pirates. Belle was a bit overwhelmed but had a good time too.

* Last night Nathan woke up at 4 am coughing and coughing and coughing. I could hear the phlegm in his chest and throat. I used my trusted Sinus Cleanse and only succeeded in pushing the phlegm from his nostrils down his throat. So I used another of my techniques which is really gross but it gets the job done. When he starts coughing like that, I wrap my finger in a towel and gag him. Which makes him throw up. And since he has just coughed up with mucus, that’s what comes up – all the phlegm. After doing that a few times, I could instantly hear the change in his breathing and his lungs sounded clear. A LOT of phlegm was expelled. I wonder how many times Nathan would’ve been hospitalized if it weren’t for that simple technique? He’s been great today so I think we got most of it out. I hate having to do things like this to him but I will do anything if it helps keep him healthy.

* This week we have appointments with: Dr Blumenthal his DAN doctor, a Reiki practitioner, Tom for Rolfing, speech therapy with Mrs. Ronna, Horse therapy, music therapy, 2 feldenkrais appointments, an energy healing session with my therapist, and an appointment with his homeopath. Oh what a busy week looms ahead!

* I’ve been reading the special needs law IDEA to understand it and how and how it pertains to Nathan. By now the school has been informed that we’ve hired counsel and we are getting ready to go into this new arena.

* I’ve been writing the letters of medical necessity for Nathan’s special needs car seat and wheelchair. Thanks to McKenzie’s mom Pam we found out about Aspen Seats and we are going to have Nathan’s wheelchair seat custom made. Next week they will do the mold of his body.

* Plus I’ve been working on even more pages for Nathan’s dynavox…including programming the dynavox for Nathan to control ROBOTS. He likes playing with Buzz, so next, he has to learn to control a wowWee Robot that got here in the mail today! These are a lot more complex and Nathan will be able to use many more commands.

* If there are times that I can’t update more frequently, you know why! So many plates spinning in the air, so much to do, so little time.


  1. Hi Marcela,

    Not to add to your stress…but we should have changed Nathan’s TL music 2 weeks ago…I know you have been gone and he has been sick…I hope we can get it changed this week…how has he been doing on it..I have tried 2 e-bay auctions and have not won…if you like the program you might want to by them at the regular price. Let me know how things are going…take care and good luck with your week…Nikki

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