* We took the kids to watch Imagination Movers in concert this weekend – they LOVED it! Imagination Movers is Nathan’s current favorite show, trumping Phineas and Ferb. He almost passed out with joy when he saw them on the stage…and then Rich, the main guy, went up to him while we were seated and said hi and said his name on the microphone! Nathan was stoked!

* Nathan’s health is improving. Last week he had a weird fever that only lasted a few hours, and then he quickly returned to normal. His homeopath believes this is part of his healing process, as he had started a new remedy that day and it is normal for a similar reaction to manifest. She believes that over time, this remedy will help him significantly.

* Today I had an appointment with Nathan’s homeopath who is also a western doctor. She diagnosed me with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which is similar to Chronic Fatigue Sindrome, but is caused by a virus. The good thing is that at least I have a label for the symptoms I’ve been experiencing. The bad thing is that, well, I have it. She gave me a homeopathic remedy and a couple of supplements that she believes will help reduce they symptoms, but unfortunately at this time they have no known way of eliminating the virus so it’s just a matter of managing symptoms.

* Today I am 12 weeks pregnant! My current favorite name is Noah. Owen isn’t crazy about the name, but until/unless he can propose a different name, Noah remains the current favorite!

* We started a new thing with Nathan – Whole Body Vibration. But I will write a separate post about this!

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