Bits 2

* I forgot to mention in my previous post- got the results of my bloodwork – no diabetes! I think the 2 bagels with cream cheese that I ate right before my glucose test didn’t help 😉 Fortunately everything is okay.

* I have put on 30 POUNDS since I started the pregnancy. 30 POUNDS. Unreal. And I was wrong yesterday, Belle doesn’t weight 5 lbs 3 oz, she weights 5 lbs 9 oz’s. She’s already almost 6 pounds, with 5 more weeks to go! They say babies put on a pound a week at the end..hhhmmmmm.

* Had the IEP today. Considering in the last 7 months Nathan has only been to school 27 days – there wasn’t too much to say 🙂 His teacher is focusing a LOT on implementing the MOVE program with him. He spends time every day in a class with kids that are mobile and verbal. Most of his goals he has already met – but we’ve decided to wait 3 more months to change them. And the teachers begged me to let him come to school for more than 5 days in a row 🙂 They were happy to hear we are going to “stay put” for at least a couple of months.

* It was weird to meet with a friendly team of people who are genuinely interested in helping Nathan. I was ready with guns blazing, but found that they are genuinely doing their best to meet Nathan’s needs. I left there with the oddest feeling – like I went expecting to participate in a boxing match, and instead found myself at a comedy show. Most importantly – Nathan is loved and loves everyone at his school.

* I think the comments function is broken on the site, I am trying to get it fixed.

Now I’m off to an early night – I’m TIRED!


  1. Well, I am SO GLAD that you guys have a good team at Nathan’s school.

    Get all the sleep you can–Miss Thang will be here before you know it!

  2. I can totally relate to having a good IEP team! We moved around a lot with my husband being in the Navy, and our son is special needs. The school we started with was awful – absolutely awful! But, it was a positive thing, because it taught me what I needed to know. The school after that was a 180* change – concerned, helpful, a delight to be around! Certainly taught me that the fight is WORTH it, always, and sometimes we are lucky enough to reap its rewards.

  3. Marcela,que buena noticia saber que los análisis de sangre están bién,y que Belle ya esta por llegar, ví el post de baby shower de Belle me pareció muy linda la fiesta y unas ganas irresistible por haber estado ahí,pero bueno apenas llegues a Chile haremos una fiesta de bienvenida para esta princesa, estoy contenta por Nathan que todos en su escuela lo quieran y mas aún sus educadoras que están interesadas en ayudarlo, con respecto a la exposición que harán en LA,deseo que les vaya increible y puedan encontrar una silla cómoda para Nathan ya he vivido esa experiencia y te comprendo absolutamente,paciencia, por lo pronto dedicate a disfrutar a Nathan los pocos dias que le quedan de ser el único y regalón de mamá,que ya se viene Belle,que seguramente viene a dar mas amor del que ya tienen!!!
    Un abrazo.

  4. You might want to delete no. 4 comment.

    How fortunate to have a team that implements MOVE !

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