A bit of an update on us:

* The boys have been back in Irvine since Sunday and are having a blast! Nathan has been remarkably tolerating 4 hours of suit therapy plus 2 hours of HBOT every day. I never thought he’d have the stamina – he never ceases to surprise me! He is THRIVING under his daddy’s care! (sniff sniff I’m jealous 🙂

* The changes we have seen thus far: COGNITIVE improvements! It used to take several attempts to teach him something, now we can show him something once or twice and he gets it! Physically his trunk and head are stronger. He is trying to talk more, and is saying things a bit more clearly. GO NATHAN!

* I am still in house redecorating heaven! My mom and I have been bonding over this whole project and have been having a BLAST. Very soon I will be ready to unveil some pictures! So instead of using this time “off” to rest I have been working really hard on the house and on catching up with work. No rest for the wicked :-).

* Lots of people have been calling/emailing about Belle. The truth is – I have nothing new to report. I saw my OBGYN last week and he just did a quick ultrasound and sent me on my merry way. Since I decided against the amnio, I think the rest of the pregnancy will be uneventful and I just have to wait and see what happens when she is born. At that time we will know if she has Down Syndrome or not, and what sorts of issues, if any, the echogenic foci are going to cause her. So for now I am treating this as a normal pregnancy and enjoying this precious time with her in my womb.

* I have almost everything ready for her! Today I bought her car seat. I already have her stroller, crib, changing table, clothes, blankets, baby carriers…everything! Now I just need a baby to put into all of these things!

* Things I have been working on for Nathan:

– A spect scan. After he is done with his 40 HBOT treatments I am going to have him get a spect scan so we can get a baseline of how his brain functions. Unfortunately we should’ve done one BEFORE he started so we will not be able to compare before and after images. But this will become the baseline that we can use as a comparison point when we do other therapies. This way we can stop guessing about whether a therapy is effective or not and we will have direct proof with the spect scans.

– My father in law has decided that Nathan needs to have a high-pressure hard HBOT chamber at home. He is contacting companies and individuals and looking into grants so he can get one for Nathan! How incredibly awesome is that!

– We have an appointment with an augmentative communication expert on Friday. Time to get back on the “communication” bandwagon and get a consistent method of communication in place. I’ll share more about the appointment this weekend.

Okay time for bed, have a great evening everyone!


  1. He is not your father in law! HAHAHAHA…
    He’s your stepfather!! HAHAHAHA….
    Ay Marce! You crack me up!!

  2. I am so THRILLED about the improvements you’ve seen with Nathan so far! Just think what he’ll be able to do in the days/weeks/months to come! I can’t wait!!!

    So excited to see pix of the decorating!!!

    This week has been zany crazy and isn’t going to slow down, but next week I’ve sworn to myself and everyone around me that I am going to have a chill week, so call anytime! Would love to chat. I really think a visit to this guy in MT is right up your alley and I’d love to chat more with you about it.


  3. Yeah, Nathan. That’s amazing progress! You must be so thrilled. I’m so glad to hear it. Keep us posted on the changes and if you see any more once he is done.

    I’m glad you are getting all your nesting in. Life will surely be busy when Belle arrives so it’s nice to get lots of the details out of the way when you can really enjoy and dig into them! Looking forward to the pics.

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