* It’s been a great week. We’ve spent most of our time outside. The kids played in the sandbox, in the sand and water table, in the trampoline, in the hammock. We went swimming every single day this week. Every one’s been commenting on how HAPPY Nathan’s been…he’s been glowing! I am so glad we are spending so much more time just hanging out and having fun – it’s suiting all of us!

* Our dates are set – we are leaving town on May 20th to Colombia! I am so excited! I couldn’t figure out the HBOT thing so we are just gonna go for vacation. I have family there, and we’re planning on spending a lot of time at the beach, hanging out, and just having fun!

* I’ve spent a lot of time this week reading a book about augmentative communication for the preschool environment and it has been phenomenal. I will write a post about it and share next week – it is SO eye opening! I finally feel like I am starting to understand how to make aug comm effective for a child like Nathan!

* We have a few things happening in the aug comm front. Nathan is going to start weekly sessions at the Northridge Augmentative Communication clinic – Northridge has a great program for disabilities and I recently found the clinic and am excited for Nathan to go and have more exposure! He will also be having an assessment by a lady who spoke at the Claremont Aug Comm conference. I really loved her talk and am excited to have her on board. I’ve also been looking into PODD and have been reaching out to the people who created the system, in hopes of getting a better understanding on how to bring PODD into he Dynavox. My final plan is to get Nathan enrolled in an Aug Comm summer camp – I started calling around and figuring out which one will be the best match for him! Lots of exciting things happening on the communications front for Mr. Nathan!

* Owen and I are off for our weekly date night so Ta Ta for now! Have a great weekend! We sure will – we will be meeting with Sally who will be visiting LA – Nathan and I can’t wait!


  1. Celebrating the simple things.. Natures beauty, the warmth of the sun, the caress of water.. Gifts or life!

  2. My goodness, you have been busy…
    Enjoy your trip, sounds like a wonderful (and much needed) getaway for everyone.

    I need to look into that clinic in Northridge, just a stone’s throw from us.

    Date Night: I must look into that too – been literally over a year since Derek and I had a night out on our own.

    Hopefully we can chat before you leave on vacation.

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