As I go through my days I always think, “Oh, that’ll be great to blog about!”. But then I don’t, and then I forget to write it down…and then, when I sit down to blog, I find myself with so little to say.

I guess the biggest change in my life is that I’m devoted to taking as excellent care of myself as I take of my kids. So every day I take time for myself to meditate, write in my journal, and exercise. I choose between swimming or yoga. By the time i do that, work, and take care of the kids, there isn’t much time left, so the blog suffers. But as I learn to take better care of myself I am letting go of expectations and learning to go with the flow, so this blog will reflect this new “flowyness”.

Here are a few bits about us:

– Nathan had an excellent therapy on Saturday at the Northridge Speech and Language Center. He is doing well with Gateway 20 and getting used to the new format.

– He was supposed to have his PERCS procedure this week, but I’ve decided to postpone it for January, when things settle down a bit more.

– Isabelle starts preschool next Monday when she turns 18 months (!!).

And that’s all I have to say for today!


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