I know it’s been a long time… and to all those die hard fans that still stick around, sorry! I’ll try harder to write more often.

The kids were pretty sick for a while there. Nathan went down with pretty bad pneumonia, ear infections, etc. He recovered pretty quickly from it and is back to his happy self.

He is doing quite well. He is getting stronger with his Medek exercises and developing more strength in his abs and back, which were his weakest points. Since his Dynavox is still not back, we have been focusing on improving his eye gaze with partner assisted scanning for times like this when we are sans-device. We are getting ready for another IEP next week and some changes to his education starting in January. More about that later.

Izzy and Gryffin are doing well. Izzy has been cutting new teeth and under the weather for a while, which has made her more needy than ever, so we are just trying to hang in there until she gets past this. Gryffin is growing so much so fast, is now awake most of the day, sleeps through the night, is grabbing things, engaging people, tracking, and doing amazingly well. He is such a joy.

Overall things are good. Nothing new and exciting to report. I think this year has been pretty chilled, the focus has been quite different. I’m planning on jumping back on the saddle early next hear with Nathan’s stuff as I’ve become a slacker! There is so much I want to do with him, particularly around the communication issue.

I’ll post some pics soon. Thanks for stopping by!



  2. Cathy Jordan says

    Hi Marcela!
    Your kids just keep getting cuter! Happy Holidays and take care! And–you are anything BUT a slacker! –Cathy 🙂

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