I think I’ve been a bit unclear in the last few posts so this post will be all about clarifications:

* Nathan is in the middle of suit therapy in this picture. The therapist was stretching him. He was so exhausted that he conked out while being stretched! I guess he’s being worked! This is a child that NEVER falls alseep anywhere other than his bed. While I can’t sleep, he’s sleeping on the job 😉

* I guess I haven’t developed the art of teaching all of you to read my mind 😉 Sometimes I write stuff and in my head/heart I mean one thing, but what comes out is totally different. It makes sense to ME, but not quite to others. In this post, what I was trying to say is NOT that I’m losing sleep because I’m worried about Nathan or about his therapies. Right now I have 0 worries about Nathans therapies or rehabilitation, I feel we are doing our best for him and all is good! What I was trying to say is that I feel like I should be doing something with all this knowledge I’ve gained in the last 3.5 years. I’ve started 3 businesses in the last 7 years. Something would come to me, and I couldn’t rest until I “created” something. In the beginning the ideas were fuzzy and hazy – I knew something was there but I didn’t know what. Over time they developed into concrete business plans and then I actually created the businesses and went through the steps of creation. It’s almost like conception, pregnancy, and giving birth – starts with a wish, you go through the preparation, you go into labor to birth your child. That’s how I feel now. There is an idea calling to me, something waiting to be created. I just need to figure out what it is! And when I do, I think this will not just help Nathan, but I’m hoping it will help other kids as well (whatever it will be).

* – I was joking, I would never give my first baby away!!!!! I came home and found his dirty paws all over the brand new couch and rug, pieces of ribs all over the house, empty beer bottles all over the place (Owen had a party at the house last weekend), and just a terrible mess all over my brand new furniture and redecorated house! I wanted to strangle him! But a few hours later he was happily cuddled in bed with me 😉

* Nathan and Owen continue to have a fabulous time in Irvine. They are totally bonding and having a wonderful time!

And me…I am really enjoying this time for myself, it’s been a wonderful time to rest and recoup 🙂


  1. i must have learned to speak marcela, because i totally “got” what you were saying in all these posts!

    oh, and i know what you can do with all your knowledge… you can move to kc and open up a school kind of like this one: :).

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