* I saw the obgyn today – we set a tentative c-section date for April 28th! I have a couple of people checking the astrological significance of the dates around that time and should have final confirmation in a few days. I now start going to weekly appointments. Getting close now!

* I think my breakdown yesterday was due to lack of sleep. I’m getting no more than 5 hours a night. I am TIRED and worn down!

* Instead of staying in the wah wah wah stage, I decided to be proactive. I called the manufacturers of the Kidwalk and told them about my problems with Nathan. They are looking into ways of making it work for Nathan and we set up an appointment in 2 weeks for them to work with Nathan in the Kidwalk!

* I found out that there’s an Abilities Expo in LA from April 9 – April 11th. I’m going to bring the boy and all of our non-functional equipment and see if we can find stuff that actually works for him. I need to get him a new wheelchair so hopefully I can find one here that will work well and support The Head.

* We have an IEP meeting in 1 hour and 10 min’s.

* Am I “too real” in my posts sometimes? I read a review somewhere on the web:

It’s well worth the read, but it may be tough to get through because this mother doesn’t hide her insecurities or frustrations that she lives with when strangers approach her about her disabled son.

* Maybe I should stop typing and get ready for our IEP meeting 🙂


  1. Hey. Just wanted to say that we have a KidsRock F.A.S.T adapted stroller and it’s working good for Emma now. You can see photos of her in it on my website and hopefully find out if they are at the Abilities Expo in case you want to try Nathan in it. There are some drawbacks (as there are to everything!), but overall I’m pretty satisfied with it.

    Good luck! And, love the proactive part!

  2. Oh, ignore any criticism–I think that if no one comments it’s because you seem so knowledgable–you have tried a lot of things–who are we to suggest something?

    Wished I lived near you–an abilities expo would be wonderful–bring your camera!

  3. Marcela — good for you for being proactive and getting the Kidwalk folks to help you with this issue, and I’m SURE you’ll find something helpful at the Abilities Expo — I’d love to go to one of those some time. Just a question — was that a review of your blog you read on the web and that you quoted from? In my opinion, you are allowed to be a real as you want, need, and feel comfortable with! The people (like me) who know where you’re coming from will ‘get it’ and others (like the reviewer) may not. And if they don’t? It’s not anything you’re doing wrong, they’re just not ‘your tribe.’

    Hang in there! It isn’t easy, but it’s good — and I know YOU know EXACTLY what I mean by that! 🙂

  4. I follow you on Twitter and just recently started reading your blog. Who are others to criticize? I know who – those who are insecure in their own ventures and dealings of life. You seem to have an innate ability to be factual and truthful with your fears and joys and concerns – a trait that many could afford to embrace a little more with their own lives! You keep doing what you’re doing, because you are doing great!

    The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. ~Proverbs 14:1

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