* Nathan and Owen are on their way home right now! They finished 20 hours of intensive therapy and 10 HBOT dives. Plus they had a fantastic time hanging out together. I don’t think they missed me too much 🙂

* I had an OB appointment and Belle’s C-section is scheduled for Monday April 26th! We’re not sure of the time yet. I cannot believe that Isabelle will finally be here in 16 days! Today I felt her drop lower into my pelvis and she’s definitely head-down now according to the OB. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am!

* We’re back in full house redecoration mode. My wonderful mother and stepfather have been at the house almost every day this week helping to clean, paint, organize. Today we cleaned and organized the garage and it’s now a little therapy clinic! The change has been INCREDIBLE – I promise to put up pictures this week.

* Belle’s room is just about done. We have EVERYTHING ready for her – including diapers, pacifiers, clothes, blankets, stroller, car seat, hats, mitts…EVERYTHING. The only thing I have left to purchase is a double stroller. Erin, Fletcher’s mom, said it’s a MUST so I can hang around with both kids.

* In about 12 hours we’ll be at the Abilities Expo. Don’t worry – I’ll take lots of pictures! I’m going to be scouting out a lot of stuff – a new wheelchair, an adapted tricycle, communication stuff, lawyers, vehicle conversion info and ramps, and a few miscellaneous things we need. We’ll also be meeting with the manufacturers of the KidWalk so they can adjust / improve how it functions for Nathan.

* Our therapy plan for the next few weeks is as follows: every other week he’ll do ABM intensives – every day for 1 hour – with a trained practitioner (week on, week off, etc). Then in the late afternoons he’ll have 45 min’s of a CME home program, and 1 hour of ABR. Twice a week I’ll take him to a Rolfing practitioner. Once a week he’ll have Speech Therapy at home, and once a week he’ll have OT at home. In a couple of weeks he’ll start being evaluated for his ABA program – I’m starting the parent training portion of ABA next Tuesday. We’ll continue giving him his supplements, G-therapy, and B12 shots. Finally, I’ll do Quantum Reflex Integration (with the laser) with him twice a day for 15 min’s at a time. Oh, and I’m taking him next week to a guy who works on helping kids eliminate infant reflexes. He’s supposed to be a master of eliminating these reflexes and claims he can get rid of all of Nathan’s reflexes – ATNR, babinski, etc – in just a few sessions. So that’s the plan for the next 6 weeks or so. I have no idea if it’ll actually work – but at least it’s a plan! I’ve been working tirelessly to get everything lined up for him, so when Belle is here and taking up a lot of my time, Nathan will have a strong, stable routine.

* I can now say that I know how to cook! I never thought I’d see the day!

And with that…I better go downstairs to turn off my latest crock pot creation. I hope to put up some photos and videos of Nathan’s week and the expo this weekend! And I can’t believe I’ll be 30 years old so soon!!!!! Now if only I could convince Belle to share my birthday with me 😉


  1. Seriously. And you can cook? World better watch out!

  2. I wanted to be the first one to say……HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hugs from me and the kids

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