* I just came back from Nathan’s room. I put him down to nap, on his belly, the way he has slept since he was little. 30 min’s later I heard him crying so I rushed to his room. Guess where I found him – on his back! He hasn’t rolled from belly to back in a LONG LONG time. Hooray!

* Today was a fluke, as we took away Nathan’s nap last week. He’s been doing great without his nap! But he went out to a play last night and got home late so I let him rest for a little bit. My little boy is growing up and not napping any more!

* Removing the nap has allowed us to do so much more with him. He is doing great with his new routine. He spends time on his back “integrating” what he learned during his ABM intensive last week. He spends time in the stander playing with toys, coloring, reading books. He spends time in the walker and in the merry muscles bouncer. Nanny McPhee Marta gives him massages and does reiki on him. He rides his tricycle and if the weather is good, he gets in the pool and works on exercising, head and trunk control. We are sooo happy that we’re finally getting a good routine down with him!

* Nathan’s Nanny McPhees Mary and Marta are AWESOME and both doing amazing with him. Mary does ABR on him every day, and Marta is doing the laser and stander and massage and reiki. Ask and you shall receive!

* We are on our 5th day of using the cold laser and I think it’s working! We are seeing a ton of little movements that we hadn’t seen before. As well as big movements like rolling! I think the combo of cold laser, ABM, ABR, G-therapy, nutritional supplements, GFCF diet, and exercise (pool or trycicle) is a really good one!

* Belle is doing great. She has gained 2.5 pounds already! She eats well, sleeps well, and demands to be held all the time. She is a love kitten and literally purrs when you hold her. She is a fabulous baby…but she is already spoiled and doesn’t like sleeping in her crib. So our days consist of nursing, burping, diapering, bathing, napping together, then it all repeats all over again. And…I love it!

* I am so grateful to have these 2 perfect beings in my life. I feel super fortunate!

* Please pray for a couple of my friends who are going through difficult times – K & E. I don’t want to write out their names, just please pray for 2 wonderful women who could use some prayers and blessings right now!



  1. So good to hear things are going so well!! Our week has been chaos – hubby is on travel in Kansas in an area that has been getting his daily with storms/microbursts/tornadoes…..we aren’t used to all that here in PA!! Then we just found out his grandmother passed away. I tell ya, it’s been on heck of a week! Hearing how well you guys are doing brought a smile – thanks!!

  2. Marcela what is cold laser therapy? I have never heard of it. What does it target?

  3. Marcela I searched your posts and found the info. Thanks! Where do you target this laser on Nathan. It sounds like Christopher may be too old for great results as stated in study. Do you own the laser or rent it?

  4. Hooray for Nathan! May God continue to pour out His Healing Power onto Nathan. May He continue to bless your family with patience and strength as your help bring Nathan’s healing into fruition. God bless you all!

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