* I know this will be shocking given how much I like to blab…but I’m running out of things to write about! Any ideas?

* Here are some posts that I have pending: house redecoration (final pictures), cord blood banking, infant reflexes, candida, rolfing, the ABR challenge. Any requests or ideas?

* Belle is having a hard time with her digestion. I think she might have reflux. She spits up a LOT, and seems very uncomfortable after she eats. It is kinda ruling her life – I can’t put her down much because of the discomfort and spit up. Plus I hate seeing her in pain. Any suggestions? I know of the natural supplements that I am giving Nathan, but would I take these myself and have them go through the breast milk, or would I have to give her supplements directly? I’m stumped – HELP!

* Tomorrow we start another ABM intensive. We’re doing them in “bursts” – 1 session / day for a week, 2 weeks off. During the off weeks, we have to put him on his back to give him a chance to “integrate” what he learned during the ABM intensives. The therapist is fairly close to us – only 20 min’s away, across from Universal Studios. Nathan’s been doing great rolling to his side after the last intensive, so I am looking forward to a new round!

* This week my goal is to finally program Nathan’s dynavox. Whatever I have to do to accomplish this, I will do it. We’ve had it for 2 months and I STILL haven’t had time to get it ready for him to use. It’s time that he started working on this every day!

* I am feeling a little better. Got some good rest this weekend, some antibiotics from the optometrist for the eye infection, and excedrin for the migraines. I still refuse to pump – I don’t want to risk losing Belle to the bottle – but at least I have some good tools to help me return to baseline. Plus I realized I’d forgotten to take my supplements several days in a row – not good for me! Every time I forget to take them, especially my 5HTP, things start getting wacky in my head!

* It’s quite possible that Nathan’s whiny-ness is related to the reflex integration work that we’re doing with the cold laser (thanks Sharon for pointing this out!!!). I’ll write about this during my “infant reflexes” post that I am planning on writing this week.

Okay, enough for now! Belle’s been asleep for 2 hours and I should’ve joined her long ago. We had a very nice, quiet weekend and it’s time to get rested and ready for a new week!


  1. Laura G says

    Anxious to hear about infant reflexes. Sorry that Belle is having tummy troubles. My oldest did for awhile and eliminating dairy from my diet took care of it. I bet Belle is old enough now that you could pump some without loosing nursing as long as you don’t do it all the time. I started pumping when both my kids were about a month old because I went back to work at 6weeks. I still nursed whenever I was with them but this way the sitter or daddy could help too. My oldest had breast milk until he was a year old, Cody had to come off when he was much younger due to keto. You deserve a break momma. Consider trying it.

    Take care

  2. You make me laugh! I thought you were going to take it easy on the posts? Not that I don’t love the updates….

    I would be interested in the rolfing post. I heard there is a local rolfing person here that took lessons from Rolf (??) and does great work, but I don’t know much about it and am wondering if I should look into it.

    Glad you are feeling better, hope Belle gets a break soon! I found with Emma that if I sat her up after eating the reflux was much better. Looking back now I think I should have tried a low dose of medicine, but I didn’t want to do that then! Maybe you can ask Kelly Dorfman (if you are already consulting with her?) if she has any ideas.

  3. It is sooo hard to troubleshoot a baby!! Maybe she’s getting too much too fast? maybe ‘deep gas’? if you lay her on her back and gently fold her left knee to right shoulder-firmly but gently- and she farts like a guy- do the same thing in the other direction-no kidding, I’ve had little 2 month olds pass enough gas to make me laugh. The only other thing I can think of is Karo and water between feedings-basically sugar water- for calories and easier BM without all the work of digesting proteins……

  4. I was thinking about the eliminated dairy from your diet as well. I had a friend who had to do the same. When Charlie was itty bitty we started putting a little Abrotose in his bottles, but we were a little nutty too.

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