Bling Bling

Do you see it?

But do you see it?

Can you see it now?

Yes, our little Belle is growing up! She got her ears pierced today!

Cybell couldn’t miss out on the jewelry fun, could she…

And while Belle grows and gets her bling bling, we all continue to have the blastest of blasts. We’ve been swimming in the mornings:

And this little one already knows how to kick…go under water…blow bubbles…

There’s nothing she doesn’t like about the water…

She loves her friend Catita, who loves her back!

And Catita and her mom are loving the warmth of an LA summer while their friends and family freeze during the coldest part of winter in Chile!

And Cata kicked and played and laughed..all by herself!

And Belle and I cheered her on

And after mornings in the pool, afternoons are for outings..

Here we are at the Santa Monica pier..

And through it all…the princess has been..well…a total princess.

And you know what I’ve learned after 4 years of motherhood and 2 kids? The most important thing is this:


  1. What great pictures! May God contiue to bless your family.

  2. OH-EM-GEE!! shes adorable!!! 🙂

  3. Que maravillosas fotos!!!, increiblemente grande Bellita, esta adorable!!!, y veo que disfrutan del verano, y no dejan espacio para el aburrimiento, pero de eso se trata, pasarlo bien. Las niñitas estan muy lindas y me sorprendí de Catita en la piscina, esta logrando mayor independencia. Ahora aquí esta mas agradable el clima ya esta comenzando a hacer calor, les mando un gran abrazo y un beso enorme a Belle

  4. I spotted those earrings in the very first picture! Belle is growing up so quickly–she is beautiful.

    I bought that same purple shirt that you have on in the picture–great minds think alike, eh?

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