Blue Man

From 4-23-09

This is Nathan in his theratogs. We got an incredible deal for these through Special Child Exchange and Nathan has been using them for a couple of weeks. They are GREAT! They give Nathan a little bit of extra feedback so he tries to keep his body in better posture and alignment. He doesn’t seem to mind wearing them at all. It only takes us a copule of minutes to put them on him and then he just keeps them on all day.

On another note, Nathan’s doctor’s office called today to say that my instinct was right – Nathan had an UTI. Recall how the doctor yelled at Owen and Mary, blaming us for Nathan’s discomfort because we held back the reflux meds? Well I insisted that she check for UTI and she said, no way, it’s just the reflux. Fortunately she did listen and took a urine sample.

Today the call came that yes, he did in fact have a UTI, and could we please pick up some antibiotic for him. And how, you may wonder, did I figure this out? I thank the lovely House. Mary and I wrote all of his symptoms on a dry erase board and then I brainstormed and searched until I came about a diagnosis. Thank you House. I don’t write this to brag, only because I think it’s amazing that a mother’s instinct is stronger than 15 years of medical training.

Hopefully the antibiotics will stop the vomiting (yes he’s still vomiting), and hopefully we didn’t mess him up by putting him on Prevacid again uneccesarily. I will say he’s been in much better humor since he’s been back on prevacid so I’m assuming the reflux wasn’t horribly serious but was causing him discomfort and irritability.

By the way, Owen had Nathan today, and I went downstairs wondering why he wasn’t in bed yet, and found him with throw up all over both of them, and Owen playing away at his World of Warcraft Raid. Nathan looked at me with big eyes, and if he could speak I’m sure he would be saying, mommy save me please! The look of delight in his face when I picked him up and put him in the bath was indescribably. Lesson: May nothing get in the way of a man and his WOW raids.

Tommorrow I’ll share some exciting news 🙂 In the meantime, good night!

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