BodyTalk and the truth about health practitioners

I talked to a lady today who is a BodyTalk instructor.  I’m going to be taking a class to learn how to use BodyTalk so I can muscle test Nathan every day and find out what his daily needs are.  The first class will be next Sunday.  I am excited!

Lauren was raving about BodyTalk and saying how fast and amazing the results are.  So of course my question was – if it is so amazing, why haven’t I heard of it before?  Why aren’t all chiropractors and doctors using it?  Why isn’t everyone using it?

Her answer came down to economics.  She said, if all health care practitioners started using BodyTalk, their practices would suffer.  BodyTalk works so quickly and well that they would only have to see clients a couple of times and then just follow ups every few months.  Most health care practitioners depend on having long, slow treatment protocols.  For example, a friend just saw a chiropractor and he told her to come back twice a week for 6 months before she could expect any results.  That’s almost 50 treatments!  At about $100 / treatment, that’s about $5000 to treat her!  Of course this is covered by insurance and my friend won’t pay all of this out of her pocket, but this is what the chiropractor would earn.  If he was able to heal her in 3 treatments, he would either have to A. charge a LOT of money for those few treatments, or B. spend a lot of time and money advertising for new clients to earn what they’d earn if their treatment protocol was slow.

She told me that she’d personally known of many health practitioners who had started using BodyTalk and then stopped because they just couldn’t afford to make people well so quickly.  What a cunnundrum!  I don’t blame them – they have to eat and make a living too – but at what cost?

Now, of course this could be said of any health modality, not just BodyTalk, and could also be a way for her to justify why this modality isn’t more popular.  I’m going to meet with her this week to find out more, so I’ll understand it better soon and talk about it in future posts.

Of course not all health care practitioners are this way.  Some are so good at what they do and have so much integrity that as quick as they heal people, others come knocking at their door.  Dr. Kenny, for example, has a long waiting list and is inexpensive and her focus is on helping people heal themselves quickly.  Because of it she is very busy and gets a very high number of referrals so she doesn’t need to worry about this issue in particular.  But think of how many other health practitioners are out there.  Think of the dilemma for them.

Which leads me to the issue of a post that I will be writing in the near future:  The Economics of Brain Injury.

Our kids are economies in and of themselves.  A whole industry revolves around them.  Yet it is a highly unregulated economy and as consumers we are very vulnerable.  But more on this later 🙂

In the meantime, just remember this when you are seeking help for your kids, and be sure you are working with someone who genuinely honestly trying their best to help your child as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  1. I looked up BodyTalk and it sort of sounds like EFT…

  2. Well, something very similar happends with ABR. If parents can do the therapy, no PT would ever support ABR!

    I”d take a looke at BodyTalk, thaks!

  3. You are so right Sonia! I never thought of it that way, but yes, it is true. Which is why we have to depend on our own instincts and intuition, as ultimately, we are the only ones who ONLY have our children’s best interest at heart. Others may have good intentions but they are mixed with their own needs and worldviews.

    Heather, I think BodyTalk incorporates EFT techniques, as well as others. I think they have taken a little bit of everything to make BodyTalk. But I’ll know more soon and will post about my findings!

  4. Marcela,

    I really appreciate you sharing all this information. I never heard about BodyTalk before and it does sound so interesting. I tried to find a practitioner but where we live (Kansas) none 🙁
    So I’m looking forward to hear about your classes and Nathan’s progress with this approach.


  5. Have never responded to any of these before, but am drawn to share with you. My daughter (now 20) had a similar start to life as Nathan. Born with hydrocephalus, she was not shunted until day 3 as they did not feel that she would survive. As she embraced life she was shunted (with 7 revisions before her 5th birthday). We were told she would never walk, talk etc. Miracles do happen. A few learining and memory issues, but other than that a dream of a child. As far as BodyTalk, do it. I wish it was around all those years ago. We have been regular BodyTalk clients for a few years and it is beyond words. I now practice and co-ordinate Access classes. Blessings, Angela.

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