Our trip to France started off very rocky. First of all we found out when we got to our hotel on Thursday morning that the airline broke the frame to Nathan’s new wheelchair. It is usable, but completely bent and messed up, and we have to keep pushing left as it wants to keep turning right. I was distraught when I found up. Then we made it to the hotel and none of us could sleep at night. For the first 3 days all of us were sleeping all day and up all night. Then, to top it off, I was so unprepared for this trip that we forgot all sorts of stuff. Most importantly, I forgot to bring a jacket and it’s been COOOOOLD! We also forgot Nathan’s baby carrier and a few other things.

Two days ago I’d had it, we couldn’t get Nathan to sleep and I was out of my mind. I took a shuttle all the way back to the airport to demand that United pay for our wheelchair frame AND send us home early. But after 2 hours getting there, the United counter was closed! I was distressed, but got the message. So back to the hotel I went, empty handed, to find that Nathan and Owen had been cruising around Disney village and the pool and Nathan was very happy and fortunately very TIRED! So Sunday was the first night that Nathan slept at night and things all of a sudden started looking good again. Last night again Nathan slept through the night, and so did Owen and I, so today was a lovely day!

We went to EuroDisney and had a great time! Nathan loved it! As he’s getting older and more mature, he understands the characters more and is more excited about what’s going on around him. He had a BLAST at the Stitch show, I’ll post a video below.

It was a great day and we are now super excited about our time in France! We will be here 3 more days and then we go to Paris!

Check out the Stitch show at EuroDisney..and the laugher you hear in the background is Nathan..he was in stiches!

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