Brain Advance

A dear friend sent me this video:

I haven’t talked to her and I don’t really know anything about this program. But I thought I’d post it for a couple of reasons:

1. I love how she talks about never believing what doctors tell you, and how she encourages parents to never give up

2. She has an integrative approach, including nutrition, supplements, and other forms of alternative therapies and creates a treatment plan that seems effective.

If anyone knows anything about this program, please share! Their website is I read through some of their info and I must admit it sounds interesting. We’ve done auditory integration with Nathan and I’ve looked at bio/neurofeedback for a while. She seems to be integrating a few things and in my opinion, approaching the brain through several avenues is always a good idea!

Will I take Nathan? No, not right away. We are focusing on Medek now. But maybe later? Who knows?


  1. dr. allen says you need to drink the right kind of water because the brain uses twice as much water to function properly than the rest of your body. for more info on the water she prefers, contact me at

  2. Zsuzsanna says

    Hi Marcela,

    I’m writing you the first time. I have a 3-year old son who most probably suffered brain damage due to high level of bilirubin (kernicterus). His biggest problems are the persistent primitive reflexes (not in their original form, they are somehow combined with each other). Beside this he has generalized hypotonia. We’d go for Mr. Ramon Cuevas’ therapy in August to try it. You mentioned in your blog that your son, Nathan also has these reflexes (or similar). Do you remember how it was when you first tried CME therapy? Was there any significant improvement immediately or only after several sessions? We’d go for two weeks (10 sessions altogether) and it looks like we cannot offer more visit.
    I’m apologizing to bother you this way. Waiting for your kind answer.

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