Brain Powder

This week, we put Nathan on an herbal remedy, nicknamed brain powder, that was sent to us from a doctor in Malaysia:

The Tole

I have no idea if this will have any effect at on on Nathan. But at this point I am in the, “turning over every stone” stage. We are going to try everything we think that can help Nate. This is one of them.

So far the only change I have noticed is that he has been taking longer naps.

Today, during PT, he had increased stamina and worked really hard for a whole 45 min. session.

Other than that, everything is pretty much the same.

I just wanted to docuent this and I will keep posting observations!

Oh, here’s Nate’s new toy:


  1. haha! You got one! Glad we could encourage you in that decission!! 😉 wink wink. I know how much Nate loved playing it here at our house in NC. 🙂

  2. Administrator says

    Hey Shey, you should assume full responsibility for the fact that we now have Rock Band. Last night, Owen and nate were playing, and he was sooo tired he fell asleep while drumming! It was hilarious! How are you guys doing?

  3. haha! That is hilarious! I will take full responsibility for Rock Band! I can’t believe he fell asleep while playing!!! That is too funny. 🙂

    We are doing great! 🙂

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