Breakfast Recipe

I got this recipe from Dr. Dituro, I thought I would share it:


One cup 4% whole milk Organic Cottage Cheese

One Half Cup fresh blueberries or straw berries

Two teaspoons Ground Organic Flax seeds

Two teaspoons Royal Jelly

Two teaspoons Honey Unheated

wash berries and crush with a fork
add flax and mix
add Royal Jelly and Honey and mix
add the cottage cheese and mix
let stand for 5 min
drink 8oz of pure water as you wait

One or two cups of tea or coffee ok but no sugar any artificial sweetener or milk however after 7 days stop the coffee and replace it with Super Nano-Green Tea

No other food till 12 noon

By the third day you loose ½ Lb per day (in some patients).

In 4 weeks we will look to decrease medication

Ingredients: Most of these ingredients can be found at Whole Foods or at a health food store. Try to get the purest honey you can get. Ask for the Royal Jelly – it’s not just any jelly, it’s a special kind of jelly. If you cant’ find the ingredients at a health food store near you, order them online, there are may places that carry these ingredients on the internet.

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