Busy Bee

Amidst my jet lag I didn’t have much concentration to get important things done, so I ended up spending most of today tying up lose ends.

One thing I finished which I am very happy about is getting ALL of Nathan’s medical records in thick heavy duty folders. I figured it’s time to stop chasing paper and I just put it all together in one place. So next time we go to a doctor’s appointment I can just bring the folder and they’ll have everything they need in front of them. I can also collect and add to the folders with new appointments etc. I also started a binder for evaluations and a binder for alternative therapies.

I also went out and got the last bits and pieces that I need to start ABR. We should be ready to go on Monday! I got the little crib for positioning and a pillow to help with his position.

I also followed up on the walkers and it looks like we’re just 1-2 weeks away from having both walkers. Not only can I NOT wait but I am starting to get bummed out about how much time we have lost because of all the paperwork.

I also talked to Hulet Smith from RehabMart.com today about Gtherapy and some of the stuff that he’s doing and was amazed to hear that we’re both exactly on the same page. He’s into the nutritional stuff, he has a mild hyperbarich chamber, he does the doman delacato stuff, and give his daughter gtherapy. He believes that our kids need a comprehensive approach and in his private physical therapy practice, this is what he teaches parents.

Anyways, I am happy at how things are progressing and am just waiting for Nathan to fully recover from his croup. He has been incredibly happy, even if he’s sick, and has really been having good days.

Okay, time to sleep.

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