Busy few days

We’ve had a busy few days.

Nathan and I went on a date on Saturday and had a lovely time. We went shopping, then to the movies, then for a little walk, then to have tea with grandma and great grandma. It was great.

Happy baby.

Sunday we took him to a Chi Qong healer and she did some energy work on him. She gave us some advice on positioning him and making sure we are maximizing his potential. She also worked on relaxing his necks and groin muscles. When she started working on him, you couldn’t really open his legs. Within a few seconds she had his legs wide open for the first time ever. It was pretty amazing.

This is how tight he was in the beginning.

That’s as far back as we could spread his legs using a lot of force.

This is after working on him for a bit (not a happy baby)

At the end.

That’s how wide she got him and we’ve been able to keep him there.

Passed out on the ride home from the Chi Qong treatment.

We got him to stand up and hold his head up for a few seconds looking at the aquarium!

With great grandma on a hot day.

He also played with Lola, ate an avocado with his bare hands, and got in the pool with his cousins. All in all a great week.

Look carefully at the background.

Yummy avocado.

Playing in the pool.

Fun in the pool


  1. Avocados… *yum*! 🙂

    Is that your pool? NICE!!!! 🙂 Nathan looks so happy in the pool! What a cutie!

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