Can I have some cheese please?

I need it with the whiiiiiiiiiiiiine I’m about to let loose.

Nathan is still sick. I had hopes that by catching the infection early, he would be all better by now. But no. He is sicker. His nose won’t stop running. He is pale and whiney.

And I have to admit, when Nathan gets like this, it sends me spiraling out of control. I feel useless down here. I do not know what to do to help him. I do not know why he keeps getting sick. He was so healthy when we were home! Why oh why is this happening? And what’s tough for me is I don’t have my usual doctors, health food stores, medicines, etc that I would use if I were home.


Okay enough of that.

Katy recently posted about whether or not she is an eternal optimist. It made me wonder – am I?

I think I am. At some point in life I realized I had to see the positive side of things or I would just live depressed! So I’ve developed the habit of always looking at the bright side of things and always staying optimistic.

So on the bright side: He just has a cold – nothing serious. So what if he misses a few days of CME – what is a few days in the scale of things. He is getting stronger with CME! So even if the journey isn’t linear, we are here, and it’s working. He is happy and healthy 90% of the time – a little bit of unrest and sickness is normal, to be expected. He calms down when I hug him and hold him close – it makes me happy to know that I represent a feeling of warmth and comfort for him.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, all better. Thanks for listening 🙂


  1. Marcela que pena todo lo del resfriado de Nathan, y sin poder ayudarte,lo único es tener esperanza que pronto pasará,lo del lado positivo encuentro que eres suuuuuuuper positiva y me encanta que Nathan se sienta tán seguro y tranquilo contigo,
    un abrazo amiga,y un besote para Nathan.

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