Cartagena and Islas del Rosario

And here are the last pictures from our trip. I hope from seeing these pictures you can understand more about my recent realizations about my life in Oz.


  1. Smiling thinking of you at HOME and you and Nathan being taken care of by Owen.

    I always want to be supportive of your adventures (and you know I am not exactly a stranger to adventures myself) but when you wrote that you planned to stay in South America and be a big, pregnant, single mom until March… well, I thought you were crazy.

    Just looking at those photos (esp the ones of the boys asleep in the hammock) reinforces everything you said in your last post. At what cost? Nathan needs his daddy and you, my dear, need to lean on others, esp. at this time. I was on hospitalized bedrest, getting closer each day to dying, actually, when I was 24 wks with Fletcher, which makes me all the more sensitive to self care during pregnancy. I, and more importantly Fletcher, missed out on that precious 3rd trimester… so take it easy, girl, and enjoy yours!

    Can’t wait until you get to share my joy of being momma to two!

  2. silvana visbal says

    hola marce…just wanted to say that im thinking of you and that i loved the pictures of u guys in colombia.nathan is always smiling …what a joy!!!i just wanted to tell u that u r awesome in everything youve done and your thoughts about belle.the world would be a better place with more people like you.lots of love,silvana

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