Catching up

I know many of you feel Nathan and Belle deprived so I figure it’s time for an UPDATE!

I’ll start with pictures that I am finally getting off my camera – yes, even pictures from our trip to Colombia that I still hadn’t processed. I know I know I am dreadfully behind on life these days!

From our Colombia trip:

– In the pictures where she is cutting the cake, we got distracted for all of 3 minutes, and in that time she climbed on the table and started cutting and eating the cake, which she’d been wanting to do all day 🙂
– The boat ride was a daily thing, as Nathan LOVED it

Dylan’s Birthday party at Scooters Jungle

– Both kids had such a blast!!!
– Nathan LOVED the big slide, but it scared Izzy. She loved the smaller slides where she could jump off by herself

Carlsbad RV Camping Trip

– Nathan turned 5 during the camping trip. All of the kids at the birthday party are from Owen’s extended family.
– To celebrate Nathan’s birthday we went to Legoland. Nathan LOVED it as there were many rides that he could go on. Izzy went on a couple of rides and mostly played all over the place. They both had a wonderful time.
– During the camping trip, Nathan went boogy boarding! Photos coming soon!

As for other news…

– Nathan FINALLY got his new Zippy Iris wheelchair which we hate and are trying to return.
– Nathan starts kindergarten this week! Can you believe it! We are still not sure about placement, services, etc as we continue with our legal struggles with the school district.
– Izzy is now sleeping in a toddler bed, so Gryffin can inherit her crib.
– Izzy continues to delight and amaze. She has about 50 words now, half in English and half in Spanish. She’s already counting, putting sentences together, repeating new things, climbing everything, running, and getting better and better at getting her way.
– I am 3 weeks away from Gryffin’s scheduled C-section date! For now the date is Sept 7th, but I am already thinking this will be changed 😉
– The pregnancy continues to go well, Gryffin is very active and is already 5.5 lbs, measuring ahead in height and head circumference. He is head-down and ready to go!


  1. glad to see the update. would love to see you on thursday if you’re around. text me!

  2. Summer Jesse says

    Whats up with the chair & why don’t you like it? At first with Rylands bigger one I was not happy because it wasn’t the kidkart but now don’t mind. It was nice to see pics, I think Izzy has Vera passed in size. I swear it seems like you just found out you were pregnant and in less then a month you will have 3 under the age of 6. Time goes by to fast, my Nathan is now 16 and 6ft tall and Ryland is going into 2nd grade. He did a speech camp this summer and loved it. HoPE you are all doing good. Take Care

  3. Pictures are wonderful. Belle is like my niece in her age.:-) Aries too.
    Nathan seems to me more mature.
    Believe it or not but today I have been thinking about going to Legoland. 🙂
    You look gorgeously.

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