If you have written me an email in the past 6 weeks and haven’t heard back from me – I am so sorry! I have been so overwhelmed and am trying desperately to catch up.

As usual I was trying to systematize my “catching up” process and thought – hmmm – wouldn’t it be great if I could send voice replies to everyone to whom I owe an email? I looked and found a program that does just that!

So if I owe you an email – please don’t be upset if my reply comes via a voice message! I know it’s not the same but I am doing my best. I hope you don’t think I’m cheating.

And if anyone wants to copy my idea – the program is called Vemail.

Thanks so much for understanding!!!

PS. back to Nathannews tomorrow – promise!


  1. Marce, yo encuentro que el sistema es super y funciona, ademàs demuestra que estas preocupada en dar una respuesta a algún correo.
    Vamos, todo es valido!!!

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