Cheezits, Chocolate and Scrubbs

Well guess who’s as addicted to Scrubbs as I am? Yes, you got it…Mr. Smiles. He was in STITCHES today watching Scrubbs.

So first of all, thanks to everyone that commented or emailed – We love you guys! I read all your comments and emails to Nathan and we were both happy to know that people care. Blogging won’t be quite so lonely any more 🙂

Now let me tell you about cheezits, chocolate and scrubbs.

Today, we had the most AMAZING day ever. Nathan woke up happy as a jelly bean. He ate all of his GFCF pancakes with gusto, drank all of his vitamins/supplements with his morning rice milk, and proceeded to impress Julie his wonderful PT with his newly acquired strength.

He went on to sit back with the ABR machine on his chest while Pati did some ABR on his jaw, while watching Mickey Mouse of course.

Then, since he was too excited and fidgety, he got to bust out of his chair to watch Jack’s Big Music show while on his belly. But first he got to use his switches to make a choice between Wiggles and Jack’s and Jack was the big favorite.

After some time of kicking on his belly while watching TV, he started looking tired so we figured it was time for his morning nap. We plopped him in the Hyperbaric Chamber where he happily slept 2 hours.

Lunchtime found him eating some delicious gluten free casein free pasta with vegetables and chia seeds, followed by prune juice mixed with VSL#3 probiotics.

Then we jumped in the car where he chose to watch Mr. Incredible while we drove to Carousel Ranch. He impressed Miss Katie with his strength, head and trunk control while riding a spirited mare.

Our return home confronted me with a difficult choice – risk ruining a beautiful day by introducing his new program from the Australian Institutes of the Achievement of Human Potential, or go with the flow and wait another day to start.

My new approach to life about facing my fears encouraged me to start today, so we did. And lo and behold, not only did I find that Nathan didn’t complain about the program…he enjoyed it! Of course there was lots of hugging and kissing in between activities to encourage the enjoyment! Even the patterning went well! We put him on the patterning table with Lilo and Stitch playing in the 60 inch projection TV. And while Owen and I patterned away Mr. Nathan giggled and giggled. I have to say I never believed in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but today, I do.

Such a stellar performance demanded a reward so he ate a whole banana which I helped him hold and bring to his mouth. And what better way to relax after such hard work than jumping in the spa? So we sat in the spa for about 30 minutes with Nathan in his Danmar collar just chilling and babbling away.

After the spa and a nice shower, it was time to play with daddy. Owen and Nathan went out shopping and then to the park, while I chilled on the hammock basking in pride.

After their return, Nathan finished the rest of his pasta free pasta for dinner while watching scrubbs with us. And how could the day end any better but to hear him laughing and giggling at JD and Turk’s immaturity and silly pranks.

Promptly at 8:15 he pressed “night night” on his switch and we figured it was time. So Owen plugged him into the ABR machine and off he went without the slightest complaint.

And I have to wonder – what more can a mother ask for????

Oh by the way..the cheezits and chocolates weren’t for Nathan…they were for a well deserving mommy 🙂


  1. I am glad you had such a great day, you deserve it! Thanks for the compliments on Max. Nathan is quite the adorable boy himself!

    I’ve done hyperbaric therapy, but it seems like you have a home apparatus. I’d love to hear more about that, I haven’t yet had a chance to read through all of your back posts—did you do one on it?

  2. Administrator says

    Hey Ellen,

    We got a portable / mild hypberbaric chamber from . It’s the smallest one, called the Solace. I heard so much about Hyperbaric that we thought we should do it. I went for the mild chamber thinking that over time it would have the same effect as the hard chamber since it would be hard for us to have access to a hard chamber. However, the more I’ve read and studied, the more I think I made a mistake thinking that this was a replacement for the hard chamber. I think it’s best for them to dive in a hard chamber, and then use the mild chamber for maintenance. But I don’t think it should be used in replacement of a hard chamber. Nathan’s had about 20 dives now. I don’t know if the chamber is helping or not. Since we are doing so much stuff at once, it’s hard to tell what’s what. But I will keep trying and I am now starting research for a place to go and use a hard chamber. Did the dives that you did with Max help him?


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